Illinois Labor & Employment Relations Campaign


Inspiring alumni to support their school.



concept, UX/content strategy, copywriting, motion graphics script, project management

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The School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois is a top program with a close-knit network of alumni in high-level HR jobs around the world. In 2015, the school kicked off a fundraising campaign to upgrade their building—a place alumni remember fondly. 



To encourage alumni to give, I emphasized the clear disparity—a top ranked, forward-thinking program on one hand, an outdated building on the other. The campaign message communicates the urgency of this project in doing the program justice. 



I worked with a designer and developer to create a one-page scrolling site about the building upgrade. The look and feel echoes the school's website, but with bolder type, illustrations, and strong, concise copy to appeal especially to their target audience of young alumni.

The strategy included easy-to-update features for staff to communicate progress and highlight donors throughout the three-year campaign.



For extensions of the campaign, I wrote the script for a social media motion graphics video and content for a leave-behind print piece driving people to the website.